Trophy Rooms

World class trophy room design, consultation and construction including mountains & wildlife scenes

It's not just a room - It's an Experience!

Graduating from one of top art schools in the country (Tyler School of  Art, Temple University) has taught me the necessities when creating true  one-of-a kind professionally decorated and well constructed trophy  rooms. How many taxidermist do you know that are a TRUE ARTIST and  can...
• Sketch or draw on the spot for a custom mount idea or trophy room plan
• Provide detailed computer drawings of rooms and floor plans
• Build 3D scale models
• Customize and create unique taxidermy mounts
•  Have the craftsmanship and knowledge to build and construct just about  anything from a custom base, diorama, a bar, themed basement or man  cave, a live waterfall or an entire rock mountain
• Have the skill and talent to hand paint a mural

So yes, if you can dream it, I can create it! From Concept to Completion I can do it all...

Within your space, big or small,  I can create the proper life-like  World Class custom habitat to best showcase your trophy animals and work  within your budget. Through natural and creative artistic talent, I  will choose proper color schemes, correct habitat, lighting and best  compositions to create perspective, depth and realism.

Design and Layout

– trophy room consultation
– trophy room planning
– trophy room construction
– 3D scale models
– 2D photo and graphic plans electronically


– taxidermy mountains, landscapes, construction
– authentic waterfalls/ponds
– life like custom trophy room built trees and plants
– realistic rock creations, rock walls and fireplaces for stuffed animals

Hand Painted Murals

– stuffed animals/habitat environments
– illustrations/trophy pics/camp life reproductions
– landscapes/construction creating depth, perspective and illusion