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Bill MacFarland, President/Owner of Non-Typical Wildlife Artistry and Taxidermy

Bill MacFarland Jr. President/Owner - Non-Typical Wildlife Artistry, LLC.

Welcome to the website of Non-Typical Wildlife Artistry, LLC. The home of Taxidermy by Bill MacFarland. Hunting is my passion and obsession  (some say addiction). My father had me hunting, trapping and fishing with him since the age of 3. I am very fortunate to still have him as my number one hunting partner, and we look forward to every moment we  spend together in the outdoors. Every chance I get, I am climbing into my treestand or planning my next hunt to a new location. Through those  experiences combined with my professional career as an artist, designer  and marketing professional I have directed myself to the world of  taxidermy.

Having completed a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from  Temple University and Tyler School of Art in 1991, I was able to fine  tune my natural artistic talents. With a strong sense of design, natural  raw talent, eye for detail and an ever pressing desire for perfection  in all that I do, taxidermy seemed to be an obvious combination of  career and passion.

Through many successful outings in the field followed by many dealings with various taxidermist, my collection of  mounted game has grown. But in many cases leading to disappointment; always feeling it could have looked better, or the mount is good, but the habitat base is weak or unappealing, not finished properly, poorly designed or just lacking quality. Thus Non-Typical Wildlife Artistry was  born and operates as a state and federally licensed taxidermist studio.

Never  being one to follow the masses and always “blazing a new trail”, I  continue to strive for perfection with always pushing myself “Do Better”  and just “Be the Best” at what I do.  With creative talent, I can  design, create and build  habitats and environments as realistic true  Pieces of Art where others simply just lack the talent. In most cases  you have put in a great amount of time, energy and money to harvest your  trophy. Shouldn't you trust A True Creative Professional to preserve  your mount and capture the memories to last a lifetime!

I Take Pride in My Work and You Will too!

Taxidermy by Bill MacFarland – Non-Typical Wildlife Artistry, LLC.
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