Taxidermy Moving Services

Trophy moving service available to transport your taxidermy mounts from one location to another

Taxidermy and Trophy Room Moving Services

Who better than a fellow hunter, professional taxidermist and artist to move your collection of taxidermy mounts when relocating or moving. Quotes may be supplied for local moves or cross country.  From a small collection of taxidermy mounts on up to entire large trophy room collections.

Hanging, Proper Display and Arrangement Services

Additional services may be arranged to have your taxidermy mounts professional hung and artistically arranged in a pleasing and attractive manner or display by a professional artist! Contact us for a quote.

Cleaning Service

What better time to have your mounts cleaned? Quotes may be supplied to have your mounts freshened up, cleaned and/or treated before entering your new trophy room.

Why Hire Us?

Most moving companies wont move your taxidermy mounts with the rest of your belongings. In most cases, if they do, they will require them to be crated. Whether you do that yourself or hire someone that can get very expensive! Save time, money and wasted wood by not crating your mounts and have a professional move them.


In some cases, you may need to temporarily store your taxidermy mounts. Quotes and arrangements may be made to place your trophies in a warehouse or storage facility for short periods of time.

Contact Us

If you are preparing to move and have questions regarding moving your taxidermy mounts, trophy room transit or taxidermy moving services please contact us.